Frequently Asked Questions

EmailVoid is SaaS solution. EmailVoid receive emails over SMTP protocol and provide Web control panel and REST API to manage message.
You can choose the most suitable use case for you:
  1. Change SMTP relay setting in your application setup;
  2. Using prepare email user in your application;
  3. Setup MX record in DNS in your domain service;
EmailVoid service for all these cases will be useful, without delivery message to real customers.
After short setup you can processing valuable metrics and make check A/B scenarios, registration and etc.
EmailVoid purge message every month.
EmailVoid users is software developer, QA engineers and merketing people.
Right now you may contact us over support channel to order API token.
You can see you token in contol panel on Auth Keys page.
Right now EmailVoid official support Python programming language.
Client library for another language no official support and may outdate.