Frequently Asked Questions

EmailVoid is web-services with API, email receive service (i.e. fake SMTP server) and web site with basic control panel.
EmailVoid receive incoming mail message and storing a limit time. EmailVoid authorize user cas receive this message for check expectations in automate manier.
You have a two basic use case:
  1. Change SMTP relay in you system;
  2. Chnage mail address;
EmailVoid server receive message and later you can capture all your messages, without delivery to real users/customers. After that you can collect some valuable metrics and make some checks: message body validation, date and time an etc.
EmailVoid saving message 30 days. Public account rest all message every month.
You can start debuging your application with public token b8818f4c8594021a9ca1489d135a2540d726f855767496788c6f1d76f2f5917d.
Public token or api_key provide access on primary free domains.