Safely test your emails in QA environments

Capture all of your system's test emails without spamming your live users.

Have you ever sent test emails to live users?

Email Void is a tool for QA and developers that allows to catch, store and share emails that were generated in your test environment within your team.

It is a dummy SMTP server that captures all of your emails sent from development and staging environments, without revealing them to real users/customers.


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Why us?


No data migration, no fake users/customers.
Test and evaluate the functionality of your email delivery system without any additional manipulations with your data.


No doubts, no "OOOPS" moments.
Isolate your emails sent in DEV and QA installations and store them at your EmailVoid mailbox, while your users/clients will receive emails generated only in production environment.

convenient & Flexible

No multiple accounts, no loss of the data.
Access all of the collected test emails through your single EmailVoid account. Manage access to your emails and share them with the rest of your team.

easy to integrate

No complex schemes, no Apps to instal.
Start using your EmailVoid mailbox with a single change in your SMTP credentials; use our code for a quick set up. Since the service is hosted, there is no need to instal anything.

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